Cafe Patachou opened its doors in 1989, right at the forefront of a historic recession, followed by  the bubble and mortgage/banking crisis. We were there on the morning of 9/11, and the days and weeks that followed, as people cocooned at home frightful for their national security. We survived a near-ruinous flood at our Broad Ripple location of Petite Chou, requiring a near six-month closure of that restaurant. Access to Public Greens on the Monon has been severely limited for over two years due to a large-scale construction process that also appears to have no end date in sight. We survived. And, then 2020 happened.

Not surprisingly, Covid-19 has been the toughest challenge in Patachou’s 31-year history. To close for over 100 days, furlough over 300 people and slowly reopen in the middle of a pandemic punctuated by a national, collective social justice awakening certainly puts the “UN” in “UNPRECEDENTED”.

Patachou would like to thank you, our beloved community of customers, for the support we have received over the last 31 years, especially over the last five months. Trusting Patachou to provide your meals has not only been our honor, it has also been our lifeline to existence. Continuing to earn your support is what keeps us going. We historically have prided ourselves on our attention to detail including the quality and safety of our food, the upkeep and sanitation of our premises, and our staff practices as they relate to cleanliness. Extra steps are being taken to assure that our strict standards are being enforced and verified daily:

  • Online ordering and reduced contact curbside take out
  • Contact-free menus (QR code accessible menu)
  • Enhanced premise sanitation procedures and deep-cleans (in effect since March 14)
  • Enhanced hand washing, glove use, and masking practices (in effect since March 10)
  • Socially distanced workspaces and dining rooms (in effect since March 10)
  • First-In, Last-Out sanitation procedures (in effect since March 12)
  • Daily health screenings and contact tracing of all staff

We remain radically optimistic that we can weather this storm with your continued support. Whether your Patachou experience is dining inside in our socially distanced dining rooms, or out on our patios or carry-out, trust that we are doing everything in our power to keep you and our staff safe and secure.  If there are questions or comments related to our Covid response, please feel free to email me directly.

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